Angel Food for Boys and Girls books and the Baltimore Catechism

I'm sharing! I've been working on putting this list together for a couple of months, and I just think it is so helpful - so I wanted to share!

These link the Angel Food for Boys and Girls published by Neumann Press with the Baltimore Catechism #2. The Baltimore Catechism lessons are listed on one side and the stories from the Little Angel Readers that correspond to that lesson are listed next to it. It is a wonderful way to reinforce catechism lessons. We love the Angel Food books! They were originally published in 1942 as a set of talks given by Father Gerald Brennan. Needless to say, there are some gems in these books. I've wanted to read them along with our catechism lessons for some time as a way of backing up and building on the lessons in the Baltimore Catechism. Each book lists a topical index in the back of the book, but this listing (below) pulls all four of the volumes together in one complete list for handy reference. **Note** The index listed in the Angel Food series references the Revised Edition of the Baltimore Catechism (St. Joseph's) but the listing below also provides reference for the Baltimore Catechism published in 1921 by St. Benedict's Press/Benziger Brothers (now sometimes published under Baronius Press).** And, I find these stories work very well with my 3rd grader who is using Baltimore Catechism #1 - just thought I'd mention!

If they will be of help to your family, please just click on the image to enlarge it and then print or you can download and print the spreadsheet directly from this site.

**Edited to add a link to the 4Real Learning Boards for Catholic Home Educators - if you read through this thread you will find a link to download an excel document of the spreadsheets .  You'll also find an additional spreadsheet by Jennifer Miller that adds in reference material from some of Father Brennan's out-of-print Angel Food books!**

Our Lady, help of Christians, pray for us!

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